Habibi.Works - An Update on TROOPERS Charity

TROOPERS Charity provides every year the proceeds of ERNW’s charity efforts to a few projects, which accelerate the use of IT for disaster relief or innovative humanitarian aid. Florian Horsch will introduce you to the current project and brief you on the impact your donations have in the field.

Looking at the complexity of what is dubbed the “refugee crisis”, we will take enough time for a thorough Q&A section were the audience is invited to engage with all their questions, doubts and feedback regarding the project itself and the current situation in Europe.

About the project:

Habibi.Works is a 700 m2 open workshop in Northern Greece near the Katsikas refugee camp. Besides a traditional wood, metal, textile printing and creative studio, it also features a modernly equipped Media Lab, which hosts several 3D printers, a laser cutter, VR equipment and workstations. Additionally, there is a large kitchen and a garden to grow our own vegetables and chicken breeding.

All of this is accessible to refugees from the camp and the nearby city, but also to the Greek host population. This creates a melting pot of cultures, skill sharing and creative expression. Syrian carpenters are working hand in hand with Afghan tailors, while a multi-cultural team is prepping lunch for everybody active. Habibi.Works powerfully embraces national identity and heritage, but also shows that we can live and create in harmony.

With your contribution, the Soup and Socks e.V. team can cover costs for rent, heating, water and energy. But also, to maintain the tools and purchase materials for bigger projects, such as the impressive DOME multipurpose room.

Please follow the journey and learn more about refugees in Europe on Habibi.Works channels:

Thank you, متشکرم, ευχαριστώ, شكرا, Dankeschön!

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