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Call the ERNW Insight headquarters to get in contact with our staff:

+49 6221 480390

Don’t hesitate to ring us. We’re fluent in English and German of course.

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Please use the official hashtag #TR18 when thinking, praising, dreaming or raving about TROOPERS.

10k run

This is your TROOPERS Core Team

From the left side:

Rene Graf, Kerstin Schröter and Niki Vonderwell

In addition to the Core team, ERNW GmbH's Crew helps to make TROOPERS happen every year through hard work, long hours (with many late night pizza deliveries), and amazing research! We could not have TROOPERS without them!

Should you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to make TROOPERS week the best week of your year!

Frequently Asked Questions

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