Outlook on 5G security from 3GPP perspective

While tech media are abuzz with hype about 5G features like low latency, high troughput, massive IoT etc., very little public news deal with new security aspects that we can expect from a 5G network. Vendors, operators, and other stakeholders have been developing ideas for 5G security for over two years within various fora, and many will make it into the 3GPP standard. This talk will give an up-to-date insight into current progress in the 3GPP security group: what is on the roadmap, which are hot topics, where can you still influence the standard? Security-relevant aspects that will be handled in 5G are:

  • virtualization
  • network slicing
  • alternative network access credentials
  • security of mobile devices and credential store
  • enhanced user identity privacy
  • security termination points in the architecture
  • resistance against key leakage
  • fraud prevention

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