Virtualization and Cloud Security

From March 28, 2011 to March 29, 2011

The use of virtualization technologies has a considerable impact on the security architecture in many organizations. Existing concepts, which are based on network zones and physical separation of resources, cannot be mapped in their entirety and very often they are even conflicting with the IT targets (catch word: consolidation). At the same time, the introduction of virtualization will lead to a changed risk landscape, either through increased complexity and unclear responsibilities/changing operating procedures or due to new attacks — like “Cloudburst” against the hypervisor. In many environments the next degree of abstraction is on the horizon: Cloud Computing.

This workshops covers security aspects of virtualization technologies and cloud computing in detail. The goal is to achieve a reasonable level of risk in a more and more abstract IT environment. In order to reach this goal, it is necessary to gain in-depth knowledge about the used technologies, components and service providers including their security relevant characteristics. The workshop enables you to make substantiated, security related decisions as well as to use virtualization and/or cloud architectures in an efficient and secure way.


Cloud Computing Overview

The training material and session language is English. In case all participants are German speakers (and this is unlikely to expect) the workshop will be held in German.

Roger Klose

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Matthias Luft

Matthias Luft is a security researcher and heads the German security research company ERNW Research. He is interested in a broad range of topics (such as DLP, virtualization, and network security) while keeping up with the daily consulting and assessment work.