The truth about outsourcing security

March 10, 2010 (at 4 p.m.) in Defense & Management

It happens everyday, more critical infrastructure is being handed over to large service providers in order to lower costs, maximize efficiencies and shift the responsibility of IT delivery. When it works, huge benefits can be realized. However, when large outsourcing deals go bad nobody wins; companies do not achieve business objectives, hemorrhage cash and react in ways that cause more harm. Typically the first causality of a “bad deal” is security and compliance. Learn why these golden opportunities are doomed from the beginning if they do not consider governance and streamline risk management practices and how to avoid the common pitfalls while reaping the benefits of shared services and “The Cloud”.

Bryan Fite

Bryan K. Fite: A committed security practitioner and entrepreneur, Bryan is currently a Senior Cyber Physical Security Consultant at BT. Having spent over 25 years in mission-critical environments, Bryan is uniquely qualified to advise organizations on what works and what doesn't. Bryan has worked with organizations in every major vertical throughout the world and has established himself as a trusted advisor. "The challenges facing organizations today require a business reasonable approach to managing risk, trust and limited resources while protecting what matters."

He is also the creator of PacketWars™ ( the World’s premier Cyber Sport.