Data Loss Protection – Hope or Hype?

April 24, 2008 (at 4 p.m.) in Defense

To lose control over one’s own data is one of the primal fears of the digital age. More than ever this applies in particular to the world of corporations and organizations with all their trade secrets and marketing plans to be protected from leaking outside. To prevent such leakage is the promise of salvation of a new set of security tools called “Data Loss Protection” or “Extrusion Prevention” solutions. All relevant vendors are already offering such pieces (mostly by acquisition of smaller companies specialized in the field). This talk will discuss why the approach these solutions take will fail in most environments and which pre-requisites must be fulfilled before even thinking about such a solution. We will further discuss what can be done on a structural level to protect sensitive data and use the existing tool set of the infosec space.

Bryan Fite

Bryan K. Fite: A committed security practitioner and entrepreneur, Bryan is currently a Senior Cyber Physical Security Consultant at BT. Having spent over 25 years in mission-critical environments, Bryan is uniquely qualified to advise organizations on what works and what doesn't. Bryan has worked with organizations in every major vertical throughout the world and has established himself as a trusted advisor. "The challenges facing organizations today require a business reasonable approach to managing risk, trust and limited resources while protecting what matters."

He is also the creator of PacketWars™ ( the World’s premier Cyber Sport.

Enno Rey

Enno Rey @Enno_Insinuator is an old school network security guy who has been involved with IPv6 since 1999. In the last years he has contributed to many IPv6 projects in very large environments, both on a planning and on a technical implementation level.