“You’'ve got mail - Owning your business with one email”.

March 22, 2017 (at 4 p.m.) in SAP Track

Introduction to mail processing in SAP, business scenarios where this is being used and details on technical processing. Some vulnerabilities in SAP email inbound processing, for example: Snagging credentials by sending emails with malicious attachment to SAP systems running on Windows. Also some DoS examples and Email sender address spoofing.

Joris van de Vis

Joris has got extensive experience as a SAP Technical consultant and has a wide interest in everything ?under the hood? of SAP systems. In addition to developing and working as a SAP Technical consultant, his main interest lies in the SAP Security domain. Next to helping business to secure their SAP systems, Joris is also a SAP researcher and reported over 40 vulnerabilities in SAP applications. He has got 15 years of experience in working for large fortune-500 companies and helped government departments with implementing and securing SAP landscapes. Joris is co-founder of ERP-SEC, a SAP security focused company based in the Netherlands.

Joris presented at local SAP usergroup events, at many customers’ sites and also on security Conferences like Troopers#16, Hack.LU, cybersecurityalliance and at SAP headquarters.