The Metabrik Platform - Rapid Development of Reusable Security Tools

March 22, 2017 (at 6 p.m.) in Attack and Research

The Metabrik Platform goal is to normalize how we use tools and how they interoperate together by providing a Platform as a UNIX shell, merged with a Perl REPL interpreter and a virtually infinite number of Briks: small reusable components that just do one task. Learning it is as simple as knowing the five Commands. During the talk, we will focus on how to chain Briks to achieve one goal: automating IOCs extraction from malware without the need of advanced reverse engineering skills.

Patrice Auffret

Patrice Auffret (AKA GomoR) is a senior security expert specialized in network protocols hacking, network discovery and big data analytics. He is author of multiple Perl modules to craft network packets and analyze responses (Net::Frame framework, SinFP3 OS fingerprinting suite [1] or the OSPF Attack Shell [2]). He writes articles in French security magazine MISC and speaks at various security conferences including IT Underground 2007, SSTIC 2008, 2012, EuSecWest 2012, ekoparty 2012 (video available at [1]), SSTIC 2016 and 2016 (video available at [3]).