Business Transparency via Security Dashboards

March 31, 2011 (at 4 p.m.) in Defense & Management

Transparent security risk is a clear business advantage. Security risk is a concept that links value with security threats. Traditionally security risk is treated by implementation of counter measures for pre-defined threats. This implies the knowledge of any future threat and up-front investments in security measures with unclear pay-off. Furthermore this approach limits usually collaboration. A security dashboard overcomes these deficits. It discovers effectively security risks by observing relevant security incidents and compiling them into one picture. This talk illustrates the difference between the two security approaches and lays down how to realize such a security dashboard.

Michael Hoche

Heiko Kirsch

Heiko Kirsch is currently engaged in the ASMONIA project. He carries a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, a Master Degree in Security Management and is currently working on his Ph. D. thesis in the domain of mobile security at the Technical University at Darmstadt. His current research interests are technologies for secure mobile communication.