Security reflections on Multi Function Devices

March 31, 2011 (at 2:30 p.m.) in Defense & Management

Multi Function Printers are common devices in any corporate environment. They are integrated into the common office networks and process any kind of information — reaching from publicly available documents to strictly confidential business plans. The processing of confidential data usually results in a high need for protection. Nevertheless, multi function devices are often not covered by security guidelines or processes. This talk discusses the most common attack vectors, vulnerabilities and security controls to operate those devices at a reasonable level of security.

Matthias Luft

Matthias Luft is a security researcher and heads the German security research company ERNW Research. He is interested in a broad range of topics (such as DLP, virtualization, and network security) while keeping up with the daily consulting and assessment work.

Michael Schaefer

Unidentified TROOPER. Recon team deployed to gather more information.