GPU-Assisted Password Cracking

April 23, 2009 (at 4 p.m.) in

The power of today’s conventional computers is not enough for many challenging tasks. Password audit and computer forensics require much computations to be carried out. Strong encryption software such as Truecrypt, PGP and alike only amplify the problem. So does WPA standard for wireless communication, which can become a headache to audit at 100 passwords/sec. Now we’ve got great alternative: innovative solutions based on GPU computations that allow for higher performance and lower power consumption. With their help you can cut time required for an audit 10 to 50 times, even for complicated algorithms used by WPA and PGP.

Andrey Belenko

Andrey is a security researcher and software engineer at Elcomsoft (, a password recovery company. He is involved in analysis of real-world security systems. Area of his research interest includes practical cryptography, high-performance and distributed computing (including that on GPUs and special hardware).