Operations Intelligence & Corporate Security: the dark links

April 23, 2009 (at 2:30 p.m.) in

Due to the nature of the talk no details will be made public. Still the author would like to underline that all the data and the details contained in this talk are public, while the ideas and the analysis that will be shown, came from a personal point of view.

Raoul Chiesa

Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa (OPST, OPSA), Founder & CTO, Mediaservice.net – Italy. Mr. Chiesa has been active in the field of computer security research at a high level since 1986; from 1997, as a member of a team of experts and researchers, he contributed to national and international Security R&D projects. Raoul is a co-author of the books (in english) “Hacking Linux Exposed, ISECOM Edition” (2008) and Profiling Hackers (2008), along with a huge list of contributions and papers in Italy.